I lead guided birding hikes open to the public as well as customized private outings. I work at a variety of locations but Venetucci Farm and Cross Creek Park are mainstays. In addition, I've added foothill canyons like Bear Creek, the mountain wetlands of Manitou Lake and a private residence sitting at 10,000 ft, north of Cripple Creek, to be able to see a variety of birds in different habitats. One of my favorite things is to scout new locations!


Putting the "coyote" in

"Coyote Willows"-Venetucci Farm


 Virginia Rail-Cross Creek


  Our backyard

 Venetucci Farm

I was the Education Coordinator on the farm from 2008-2017 and I have been granted exclusive access to lead guided birding hikes at Venetucci Farm. I still consider it my home base for guided birding hikes and environmental education classes. From around the buildings, to farm fields, to the wild edges, this farm offers a lot of different habitats for wildlife. So far, 161 bird species have been identified: https://ebird.org/hotspot/L2912506?yr=all&m=&rank=mrec 

Venetucci Farm dates back to the late 1800's and has been a community icon for over 75 years! Though it is going through a transition right now and is not open to the public, hope still lives that it will again be a working farm and a place for the community to connect to the source of their food.

In the meanwhile, I offer an array of guided birding hikes throughout the year. Some of these outings include neighboring Pinello Ranch, a property currently owned by Colorado Springs Utilities and blessed with a series of ponds.

 Cross Creek Regional Park

This 60 acre urban park in Fountain, CO has become a birding hotspot with 171 bird species documented thus far. The park managers are keen to connect people to the park as they prepare for the renovation of Hale Reservoir, the heart of the park. 

I have led guided birding hikes, overseen an Eagle Scout habitat restoration project, conducted bird surveys and taught environmental education programs for children, like Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Surveys and Sweep Net Safaris.

 Exploring Colorado-Garden of the   Gods Oasis, AirBnB

The prairie, canyons and mountains of Colorado offer an incredible diversity of habitats and thus wildlife. From our home, minutes walk to Garden of the Gods park, there are endless trails to hike and bike and incredible birding opportunities. I am happy to customize a birding outing to fit the season and interests of participants. 

You can also book a stay in our AirBnb: Garden of the Gods Oasis in Colorado Springs, CO.