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Programs & Services

I also Survey bird populations, Create iNaturalist Projects, Run Bioblitzes and design and teach environmental education curriculum.

Nature Programs Offered:

(In Person and Zoom)

Birds of Colorado 


With over 500 bird species seen in the state, Colorado's varied landscape is home to an equally varied bird community across space and time. This exploration of the birds in Colorado was one of my first programs I developed and is still one of my favorites! The lives of birds are endlessly fascinating and I dive into a variety of life zones and their birds as well as other aspects of life history.


I have adapted this program for beginning birders, garden clubs and birding festivals. I can adapt the content and time to fit different settings and also offer this program remotely via Zoom.

Pollinators, Beneficial Insects and more!


The often quoted fact is that 1 our of every 3 bites of food we eat is thanks to pollinators and most are insects! Insects are endlessly fascinating, and while the majority of the program focuses on bees and butterflies, we'll also talk about predators, decomposers and insects as allies in the fight against invasive species.


Citizen Science: Ebird and iNaturalist

Crowd sourcing observations by Citizen Scientists is more important than ever in a changing climate and planet. We'll explore a real case study where both of these platforms were used and even dive into live sessions touring each of these websites to give the audience an idea of the power and practicality both offer!


Snakes of Colorado and Beyond!

Tales, Myths & Truths

(Under Construction)

Encounters with these creatures of myth are always memorable. I have many tales to tell and many pictures to share about these misunderstood creatures. While Colorado has an amazing 32 snake species, there are many more of these incredible creatures and I will share photos I've taken of both venomous and non-venomous species and talk about their fascinating life histories. 

Twelve-spotted Skimmer Libellula pulchellaResearch Grade.JPG
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