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Backyard Birds

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Living through a global pandemic, the simple joys of our backyard bird visitors become all the more precious. Looking out my back window the usual suspects are there with their familar names: junco, towhee, chickadee, flicker... This year we have flocks of somewhat unusual and

unpredictable visitors, wanderers always in search of seed. Their needle-sharp bills, yellow splashes on wings and tail and their charming chittering punctuated by ascending "zreeet" calls make these Pine Siskins stand out.

However, soon there will be new visitors. The spring migration has already begun as a trickle that will soon become a torrent. I keep my suet feeders out later into the spring these days hoping to lure in migrating male Western Tanagers in May.

With the addition of a platform feeder, Black-headed and Evening Grosbeaks visited last year. Our water feature has drawn in thirsty travelers like Virginia's Warbler and Cedar Waxwing. Meanwhile Orange-crowned Warbler hunt the wild rose thickets and Yellow-rumped Warblers haunt the Gambel Oak.

Soon enough, soon enough I tell myself.

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